Great Nutrition is Key to Feeling Healthier


Here's how you can get your body ready for your surrogacy journey.

Sign up for this Health Coaching Program - a 6 week clean eating challenge.

You'll get:

6 weeks of meal plans with shopping lists
Getting started checklist
Dining out swap guide
Success manual
Goal worksheet
Recipe manual
Measurement sheet so you can track your progress (if your goal is to lower your BMI)
1 one on one phone call with your personal health coach September Burton

Who is this program for?

Surrogates who want a strong, healthy start to their journey
Postpartum surrogates who want to accelerate their recovery
Intended parents who want to get healthy before baby arrives
Anyone wanting to optimize their health and boost their fertility

You will experience a major transformation, not only in how you look, but also in how you feel.

Health Coaching will help you:

Lose weight/lower your BMI so you can qualify
Balance your hormone levels
Increase your energy
Boost your immune system
Enhance your ability to naturally "detox"
Sleep better
Save money by not eating out or buying food you only end up throwing away
Save money by not buying processed foods

Receive 1 one-on-one support phone call from expert Coach

September Burton

Create new habits that will serve you and your loved ones for years to come.

Changing Your Eating Habits is Hard!


This program takes away all the frustration that normally comes with changing something that is usually so challenging.


You’ll get:

Weekly grocery shopping list
Delicious meal plans
Tips on dining out and making ingredient swaps
and even how to fit in “cheat meals.”

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