Makana O Ke Ola – Meet Krisha

To bring in the new year, we decided to start a surrogate story series called “Makana O Ke Ola,” or “Gift of Life.” In this series, we will be introducing you to some of the incredible surrogates in our program.

Krisha's surrogate story

Krisha had a wonderful experience with each of her two pregnancies.  She used to joke around with her friends saying that she was born to have babies. All jokes aside, Krisha always knew that there were others who were not as fortunate, and she felt that she could be the answer to their prayers.  “Carrying a baby for nine months is a small sacrifice to help a family have the baby they always wanted. There’s no greater joy than having children, and I wanted to help others experience it.” 

One of the most fulfilling parts of Krisha’s surrogacy experience was building a strong bond with the couple she helped.  Krisha is a two-time surrogate and both journeys were with the same Intended Parents. She delivered a healthy son for them in 2015 and then carried twins for them a few years later.  She feels honored that she got to be a part of their lives in such an amazing way and remains in touch with her IPs. They send update photos and Christmas cards. “They are such wonderful parents. It makes me sad to think of what may have been had they not moved forward with surrogacy and taken that next step to create their family.”

Surrogate Krisha with the son
Surrogate Krisha holding the son she delivered for her Intended Parents in 2015.

We asked Krisha what she liked most about working with Hawaii Surrogacy Center.   She stated that she loved the personalized, on-island care she received throughout the entire surrogacy.  While her family was very supportive throughout the entire experience, everyone, Krisha included, had no idea what the journey might entail. “Hawaii Surrogacy Center explained the process in detail with timelines and duties of what it was going to take to be a surrogate.  The support was very welcomed and appreciated.” Krisha’s coordinator also made her feel that she was still her own self with her own body, even though she was carrying someone else’s baby.

Every surrogate has their own experience, and as an agency, our job is to make your journey as fulfilling as possible.  If you or anyone you know is thinking of becoming a surrogate, visit https://www.hawaiisurrogacy.com/surrogates/ for more information. 

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