Health Coach for Fertility Program

In the beginning of July, we launched our Health Coach for Fertility Program! At Hawaii Surrogacy Center we feel that great nutrition is the key to feeling healthier. With the help of our Nutrition Coach September Burton, who was previously our Kauai coordinator, we are offering a six week clean eating challenge. 

Multiple studies found on the National Center for Biotechnology Information conclude that good nutrition and eating healthy has a positive effect on fertility. One study showed that when a woman’s body mass index goes above 30, her body begins to produce excess estrogen. This excess estrogen effectively puts her body in “birth control” mode, making it harder to get pregnant. Another study showed that healthy diets are associated with a higher number of oocytes in women undergoing assisted reproductive techniques. 

This program is a resource for surrogates who want to start their journey strong and healthy. However, it’s not just for surrogates who are beginning their journey, but also for postpartum surrogates who want to accelerate their recovery, and anyone who wants to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. 

We take away all the thinking that comes with changing your eating habits. You’ll get a weekly grocery shopping list, delicious meal plans, tips on dining out and making ingredient swaps, and even how to fit in “cheat meals.” We are also offering one-on-one phone calls and support from Nutrition Coach September as an extra resource. 

Key benefits that you can experience from this program include: 

  • Weight loss 
  • Balance hormone levels
  • Increase energy
  • Boosting your immune system 
  • Enhancing your ability to naturally “detox”
  • Better Sleep

Feeling healthier starts from the inside out. What’s awesome about this program is that it focuses on getting in the right nutrients through food. An example of this would be eating healthy fats instead of trans fat. This is important to note because according to Harvard Health, for every 2% of calories from trans fats you eat daily, your risk of heart disease goes up by 23%. Eating healthy fats is incredible for your body. They’re important for making hormones, brain health, heart health, energy levels, boosting your immune system and so much more. 

You can start your healthy lifestyle change today! Join the challenge at https://www.hawaiisurrogacy.com/nutrition/ 

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