Having a Team to Support Your Journey

One thing that we truly value at Hawaii Surrogacy Center is “building ohana.” When you start your family through Hawaii Surrogacy, you’re joining our family too. These values are part of everything that we do – how we view our clients, how we interact with our colleagues, and how we work together as a team.

Support Across Our Islands

While we consider ourselves a boutique agency, we are not a one man (or in our case woman) show. We have multiple coordinators, surrogate ambassadors, and support staff. We love having close relationships with our clients and knowing their stories, as well as being able to offer them a high level of professional support. We also are proud to never charge additional fees if Intended Parents or Surrogates reside outside of Oahu. We have coordinators that call Maui, Kauai and the Big Island home, so support is never far away.

We asked Surrogate Prizzilla what she liked about working with a coordinator. “Having a coordinator made my job as a surrogate easier than I expected. Any time my pregnancy brain made me forget something, [my coordinator] Breyonna was there to remind me or take care of it. The big day ran smoothly for me because my coordinator was already at the hospital helping my intended parents check-in and prepare for the arrival of their baby. We would have been so lost if it wasn’t for her!”

One Part of the Whole

Hawaii Surrogacy views itself as one part of the whole. We do have an end-to-end view of the entire surrogacy process – from embryo creation to post-birth legal proceedings – and our clients rely on us to educate them about the long road ahead. So we are always working hard to maintain good relationships with our colleagues and experts in the field.

Coordinator Breyonna loves the relationships she forms with all parties. “From the beginning, I get to go on this amazing journey with wonderful people. From the intended parents, surrogates and their families, to the attorneys, clinical staff, fertility doctors and obstetricians, all the way to the hospital staff. I get to build a genuine, meaningful relationship throughout the surrogacy journey and beyond.”

Coordinator Breyonna with Baby G | January 2020

True Teamwork

Coordinators stay with their families for an entire journey, which typically lasts for well over a year. However, if an emergency arises, you can count on the whole Hawaii Surrogacy team to step in and provide in-person support as needed. Multiple deliveries happening on the same day? We can handle it! We can do that seamlessly because we work so closely with each other – we share ideas (laugh a lot), talk through tough cases as a group, and support each other.

Coordinator Nisha knows what it is like to transition a case. “After being a surrogate twice, I was still passionate about helping people achieve there dream of having a family. Being a coordinator is very rewarding. From the beginning we are your biggest cheerleader and constant support system. I pride myself on being available and straightforward with our clients. I think this helps build a rapport. Sometimes being a coordinator is challenging, like when you jump in towards the end of a journey. It’s important that I familiarize myself with the client’s journey thus far and address any concerns that they may have immediately. This is to prove that I’m new to your journey, but not to the process. I want them to feel comfortable and confident with me as their coordinator. I truly enjoy working with our intended parents and surrogates.”

A team meeting during National Infertility Awareness Week 2020.

Our agency staff also comes from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, and we leverage that to offer innovative programs for families in our program. From financial counseling to nutrition support, our team is always coming up with new ways to provide Intended Parents and Surrogates with an outstanding experience.

Coordinator Jules shared, “As a 2x surrogate I’ve experienced the medical, psychological, and physical journey of helping a couple achieve their dream of a family. I understand what you are experiencing and am always available if you have questions, concerns, or need a hand to hold. Having support and real connections makes all the difference. We are Ohana. Watching your child enter the world is a moment you will never forget. From attending appointments to assisting the IPs in the hospital to holding the surrogate’s hand during labor to capturing new life on film. I am honored to be a part of your journey.”

If you have any further questions about our program offerings or how we can support you on a surrogacy journey, feel free to email us at information@hawaiisurrogacy.com.

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