Financial Information for Surrogates


The financial information below is intended to help prospective surrogates understand the compensation and benefits associated with a surrogacy journey. Hawaii Surrogacy provides each surrogate with a detailed compensation package breakdown based on their circumstances and experience.


The figures below are only estimates. (Updated July 2020)

Surrogate Compensation Package

  • Base compensation*
  • First Time Surrogates: $30,000+
  • Experienced Surrogates: $35,000+

Paid in eight monthly installments from trust account commencing after verification of fetal heartbeat.

*Multiples fee also is added to base compensation ($3,000 for each additional fetus)

  • Monthly Allowance
  • $150 per month

Starting after surrogacy contract is signed (for miscellaneous expenses over the year)

  • Embryo Transfer Compensation
  • $1,000 per cycle
  • Term Life Insurance Policy
  • Valued at $250,000

Paid directly to your family.

  • Maternity clothing allowance
  • $500+

Paid at start of second trimester

  • Additional Compensation
Invasive Procedures - $500
Cancellation of Cycle - $500
Cesarean Section - $3,000
Lost Wages - Actual Hourly Wage
Childcare & Housekeeping - $400 per week
Breastmilk - $150 per week

All financial compensation is detailed in your gestational carrier agreement. You will receive your monthly compensation by direct deposit from a professionally managed escrow firm.

How to Become a Surrogate

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