Explaining Surrogacy to Children

Daughter holding pregnant mom stomach
We are frequently asked by surrogates and intended parents how to explain the surrogacy process to children.  There is no cookie-cutter approach to this discussion. You need to think about what is developmentally appropriate for your childrens’ age and your own family values. We decided to sit down with Surrogate Prizzilla to see how she…
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Makana o ke ola – Meet Krisha

Krisha holding twins
To bring in the new year, we decided to start a new series – “Makana o ke ola” or “Gift of Life.” In this series we will be introducing you to some of the incredible surrogates in our program.   Krisha had a wonderful experience with each of her two pregnancies.  She used to joke around…
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Building Community Awareness

community, awareness, local moms, baby expo
Hello November! One of our main goals as an agency is to help Intended Parents start their families. We can’t do that though without our awesome surrogates. As we continue to grow as an agency, so does our waitlist for Intended Parents. This month we made it a goal to find more local moms who…
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3 Myths about Same-Sex Surrogacy

Two Dads
In honor of Honolulu Pride month, we are going to debunk the top 3 myths when it comes to surrogacy with same-sex couples.  Myth #1: Adoption is the only way for same-sex couples to become parents.  False! While adoption is an amazing option for same-sex couples, surrogacy is another viable option. With surrogacy, same-sex couples…
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Should You Use an Agency For Your Surrogacy Journey?

Pregnant woman
Surrogacy has been helping families grow for centuries now. Through traditional surrogacy, the baby is conceived with the surrogate’s egg and the sperm of the intended parent or donor. So what is gestational surrogacy? With gestational surrogacy, the surrogate has no genetic relationship with the baby they deliver. An embryo created by the Intended Parent(s)…
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